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Failed in ccna on 30th Dec,2010.First question on simulation(acl)
Hi friends,
          I went with the strategy to finish theory questions in 45 minutes and the remaining time-another 45 minutes I wanted to allocate to simualtion -based questions.What happened?The first question thrown at me was from simulation,which is shocking to me.and it litearly paralyzed because I had no strategy to take up new challenge and it took so much of my precious time.This detracted me from my time management and finally I had to finish the things in such a hurry that I must have  committed some mistakes although I knew the answers correctly.Scored literally 100% in 3 categories ,but simulation that too the first simualtion question cost me heavily as I could manage only 25%.And the result? I manage to get only 758 overall.
    Could anybody tell me as to why did they deviate from the usual pattern of examination and placed simulation based questions in the beginning.Traditionally they have been putting in sim questions at the end of the exam.Friends this unexpected pattern cost me my certificate.I lost not because I had no knowlwdge I lost because of the unexpected change in the pattern of examination.
    Could anybody tell me as to how I should  report this matter to Cisco and at which E-mail id?



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