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QID:SW267: Error?
I am having trouble understanding this question, or i think its an error.  The question is regarding which configuraton option will cause two 3600 ports to form a trunk.  I selected "to leave the ports in their default state" which, now i know is wrong, because Documentation states that the port default states are dynamic auto,  but the correct answer shows to configure one side as an access port and the other  dynamic desirable. Any thoughts???
The port isn't set in access mode with the command "switchport access vlan7", it is only specify  in wich vlan will be the port is the command "switchport mode access" is applied.
With the "switchport mode dynamic desirable" command, I think that if DTP negociation fails, the port will be set in access mode.
So with this 2 lines :

switch access vlan 7
switchport mode dynamic desirable

if DTP negociation is ok, then a trunk will be formed, otherwise the port will be in access mode, in VLAN 7

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