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CCNP (Switching 642-813) Failed :(
Failed the 642-813 Switching Exam this morning.  My score was 770 and needed 790.  I had labs 4, 5, 6 and I had an issue with lab 4.  When I changed over to the DSW1 device and entered config t, the SIM would not allow me to create the extended access-list.  When I type the "ip access-list extended" command it would not take and would only take the access-list standard command.  I am pretty sure that I missed this lab..  I was successful in configuring ASW1 with the Radius-Server, but the DSW1 device did not like the ip access-list extended net_172 command. 

Furthermore the 6 question testlet\simlet that I had wasn't even close to the one on How2Pass.  The exam had the switching diagram with individual questions, but did not have access to the configs, i.e. the schroll down screen for reading the config.  There was no way to figure out the questions.  I screwed the pooch on one of the labs because I got nervous for limited time..  Out of the 50 questions, there were only around-12-14 that were similar to the How2Pass study material.  I still would have passed if I hadn't lost it on Lab6.  Does anyone know what the heck is going on with the testlet.  It wasn't even close?  Pretty much knew that i was going to fail at around question 30.  Taking a little break on taking it again in 2 weeks..  I had one question on wireless and maybe 2 on voice related issues. 

Time to hit it hard and then go rip it again.  Moving Forward!! 
ya i was afraid of this, h2p really needs to get in gear and update their material
I just took mine and passed, thankfully.  This H2P exam needs does need some updates though.  There were about 15 - 20 that were spot on, some others were similar but close enough and you will need to know how to do labs 4,5, and 6.  I got all three of these.  The first 2 labs on H2P that work were not on my test.  Wish they were because those are cake.  Lab 4 is like "Cisco23" says, does not take the "extended" command so I used the standard access list.  (so know how to make a standard access list) I went forward with creating the access lists and maps the best I could and in show run it seemed ok but do not know if I passed this part since there is no verification other than looking at your config.  Lab 5 is easy if you know very basic subnetting (just get a subnet cheat sheet and know the masks and hosts) and routing.  Lab 6 I missed big time.  Was not ready for it.

The simlet was similar but you will need to be sure you understand how to find the answers.  The scroll downs as on H2P were not there as stated, but you just need to click on "topology" at the bottom and select a host just like in the Labs and run the show commands and your information is there to find your answers.  Be sure you understand how to look at the output to get to answers.  H2P does a good job explaining their answers so when you take the test you will need that knowledge to pass this part because the questions/answers are a little off from the study material.

Had about 10 or so new questions I have never seen before.  Dont know if they were the "fake" questions or not but made me wonder if I was going to pass especially due to not know how to do lab 6 all the way.  Was nervous till the end.  Make sure you study hard know you labs back and forwards, and how to get the answers on your simlet and I think you will be fine.

Good Luck everyone!

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