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642-813 - Failed with 759 and scored 0% on security extensions!!

Right so I have just taken the 642-813 also and failed with a score of 759. I am already CCNP and just looking to renew...

Now here is the rub, I scored 100% on both Layer 3 and Prep Infra sections, and yet according to the test I score 0% on implementing security extensions. 0% WTF!! Also I have just been back over this section of test questions and I had at least 3 or 4 come up in the exam which I answered (according to how2pass) correctly!!

Also I had Labs 4 , 5 and 6 like other people that have posted. I was fairly comfortable on 5 and 6 and feel i completed all as required.

I also had the issue in Lab 4 where it would not accept the extended access-list command (command no recognised) but I got around it by : ip access-list 101 instead. The only bit I forgot on this lab was to add the dot1x port-control auto command to the fa0/1 on ASW1. However surely I should have got some points for completing all other parts???!!

I find 0% highly suspect and especially as I know some of the how2pass questions came up in very similar format which I new the answers to. I have rebooked the exam for next week but am concerned as I can only learn the material slightly better than I did already (may be it will be enough?) 
Do you remember the questions you had on the test that you saw on here that you thought you marked correct but weren't?
Yep an example is as follows I will post more when I get time as flat out with work at the mo: -

Q -What is an important step to take when verifying a newly proposed network security solution?

A - Test the design on a pilot network for expected results prior to implementing on the customer network

Another question I definately had in exam: -

A switch has been configured with PVANS. With which type of PVAN should the default gateway be configured as?

A - Promiscuous

This is also definately correct as this type of port can communicate with both isolated and community secondary PVAN types.

If someone can explain why I got 0% I would love to know.

Think I am going to get in touch with Pearson Vue next week and get the exam investigated. Will retake exam week after next, hopefully pass, and hopefully get a refund on the first one.
Let us know what happens when you talk to them. And that is the right answer to the question.
Don't know if the question is litterally "With which type of PVAN should the default gateway be configured as?", but you cannot set a PVLAN as "promiscuous", only a port can ben set as promiscuous.
I think the default gateway should be in the Primary VLAN.
Passed 2nd attempt with 934.... 8)

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