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Taking 642-813 - very nervous
I'm scheduled to take 642-813 on monday. I've been hammering H2P after taking the SWITCH course at the local community college.
I think I've pretty much confused myself on every topic from reading so many different study guides. I'll let you know how it goes,
and how well H2P helped. I've never used H2P before, but with the cost of the classes and books, then the time invested and the cost
of the exam on top of all of it, I really really really want to pass this thing.
Good luck and report your experience please and what to look for.
FAILED the 642-813 Exam today. H2P helped on about 3 total questions out of the 50 questions I had on the exam.
Labs I got, I did not see them on H2P.

Scored 726 - 1000 (790) Needed to Pass

Heavy on vlans, vtp and security, which was not my problem. The VOIP and wireless and security threw me off. I did get the Radius lab.
I got about 6 drag and drop questions.
My CCNA / CCNP expires tomorrow. Have to start all over from CCNA now.

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