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Simulations question
Planning to do exam tommorow, im scoring 95%+ on all topics with how2pass.

i know it might sound silly but i have yet to fully go through the simulations how2pass have listed here and am currently give them a good read. I am just wondering if i should give it another day to nail these down properly or if i should just go tommorow and get the exam over and done with. I am fairly confident of my knowledge, just concerned that the sim's wont be my liability or weakness.

I would very much appreciate opinions from others. Thank you.

Edit: Just had a look through simulations properly but they are not difficult. I have heard of the HSRP simulation in the exam that isn't listed on the h2p site- Is there anything nasty that i should be aware of?

Don't know if you have taken the test yet, but I got a nasty surprise. I was asked to configure Radius Authentication and VACL's on a switch! Look out!

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