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642-813 - Failed Exam on 5/2/11
Failed yesterday, scored 726 / 1000

Labs that I was given..

#6 HSRP Testlet

Hands-on Lab # 4: Configure 802.1x Port-based Authentication and use VACL to filter traffic in a VLAN
(Be advised the command "ip access-list extended" does not work on the sim.) There is a way around it, just use "?" if you get this sim. It will show you)

Hands-on Lab # 5: EIGRP on Multilayer Switch

Hands-on Lab # 6: VLANs, Trunking and Port-Aggregation

There were at least 6 drag and drops that I cam accross. PPDIOO / Vlan Implementation

Lots of questions about VOIP, security and tons of Vlan and VTP questions.

H2P is great prep material, even thought the questions are not "exactly" what is on the exam, they are very similar which will show you where you need to focus your studies.

My CCNA expires today, but I will retake the SWITCH exam next week anyway. I shouldn't have waited until the day before, but what's done is done.

Good Luck to all you that are about to take SWITCH!
Sorry you didnt pass the test.  Were you scoring 90 or better on the practice tests of 52 random questions? Also is the #6 testlet your talking about the HSRP one with the 6 questions?
Right so I have just taken the 642-813 also and failed with a score of 759. I am already CCNP and just looking to renew...

Now here is the rub, I scored 100% on both Layer 3 and Prep Infra sections, and yet according to the test I score 0% on implementing security extensions. 0% WTF!! Also I have just been back over this section of test questions and I had at least 3 or 4 come up in the exam which I answered (according to how2pass) correctly!!

Also I had Labs 4 , 5 and 6.

I also had the issue in Lab 4 where it would not accept the extended access-list command (command no recognised) but I got around it by : ip access-list 101 instead. The only bit I forgot on this lab was to add the dot1x port-control auto command to the fa0/1 on ASW1. However, surely I should have got some points for completing all other parts???!!

I find 0% highly suspect and especially as I know some of the how2pass questions came up in very similar format which I knew the answers to. I have rebooked the exam for next week but am concerned as I can only learn the material slightly better than I did already (may be it will be enough?) 
I was scoring 100% on random H2P tests prior to taking the actual exam.

to answer your question:
Also is the #6 testlet your talking about the HSRP one with the 6 questions?

Yes, that one wasn't too difficult.

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