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Passe today 857!
Passed the exam today with an 857, most of the questions on my exam were on How2pass. I had the HSRP testlet, Labs #4, 5, 6. The HSRP testlet is different than the one here, make sure you know the show commands, the configs are not provided for you so you have to do the show run and show standby to get the configs. It is also not exactly the same so make sure you understand how to get the correct answers. It is pretty easy if you understand how HSRP works. Not many questions on QoS and there were some Drag and Drops that I had not seen but they were pretty straight forward. As for the labs, again make sure you know the show commands to get the information you will need for the configurations. My eigrp lab for instance already had the address in use on the router, I didn't use the show commands to get the info I just assumed it was what I was expecting. When I did the gig0/1 config, I got an ip address conflict. I also messed up on Lab #6, I forgot to put in the spanning-tree vlan allowed command with the priority. Also my lab did not have Vlan 1 on the root switch. If I had not messed that up, I would have been in the high 900's I think as I got 65% implementing Vlans, 100% on Security, 100% Layer 3 services, 100% on Infrastructure and 83% on High Availability. I also found a site that had a free Passforsure PDF that had a few questions that were not on How2pass, but only a couple. But really, if you understand the reasons why answers here are correct you can figure out most of the questions you will see.
Very helpful... Congratulation on passing your test!

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