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I passed the SWITCH exam yesterday afternoon with a score of 857.
Many of the questions i came across were almost identical to the the ones here on HOW2PASS, though there were a few i hadn't seen.
i had 50 questions and they were spread evenly across all topics i guess.

HSRP testlet was a little bit different, but if you can work out the answers for the one on HOW2PASS, you should be OK. using "show standby 'vlanid'" is what i used mainly.

i was faced with sim 4,5 & 6. SIM 4 wouldn't let me configure an extended ACL, so i just did a standard ACL. SIM 6 wouldn't let me configure the switch interlink ports as trunks on the access switch, this was well frustrating.. every time i issued the "switchport mode trunk" command I'd get the error saying that a port configured for auto encapsulation cant be configured as a trunk, i proceeded to try and force the ports to dot1q encaps with the "switchport encaps dot1q" but the sim wouldn't accept the command. i carried on with configuring the rest of it.. and managed to ping the DG successfully from the access sw. I'm sure i lost a lot of marks for not getting the Port-channel up correctly.
none of them accepted "copy run start".

Keep an eye on the clock.. time seemed to be on fast forward whilst i was doing the test.

on to Tshoot.. my 3rd and final one.

All you test takers, good luck and all the best


The command to force the port to trunk is "switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q". You missed the "trunk" part. I'm taking my Switch Cert tomorrow, I'm hoping that I'll pass it. Thanks for the info.
Congrats, seems the test has become pretty typical of late. Sounds like the same test I had a couple of months ago. Thanks again How2pass

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