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642-813 Materials
Hi all,

Can anyone confirm the validity of the H2P SWITCH material? The CCNA/ROUTE stuff was bob on but after hammering the study materials since passing ROUTE last week, i'm looking to purchase but reading the forums suggests that its a bit dated? I've seen that there was an update a couple of weeks back, but can anyone confirm how relevant/up-to-date it is?

Cheers guys
It's up to date. I just passed yesterday with a 930ish score. If you purchase, don't spend too much time on the wireless/security stuff. Focus on labs 4, 5,6, the testlet, STP/VTP, HSRP/GLBP/VRRP stuff and you should do fine if you have actual field experience.
I passed the exam a couple of months ago, it was pretty accurate. As stated earlier Labs 4, 5, and 6 were on my exam, the testlet was there though you need to make sure you understand how you get the responses since they are not exactly the same. Know how to do the show commands for the Testlet and Labs as you will need that information. There were some drag and drop questions I had not seen before but if you understand the material they are not that difficult.

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