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Passed 934/1000 - 09/09/2011
Hi All,

Passed switch exam with 934/1000  Pass mark was 790 and i had 52 questions.

Had the usual sims (4, 5 & 6) with the hsrp testlet.  Not much on voice/wireless etc.  6 or 7 D and D's and the rest of the questions i thought were fairly easy...mostly basic port config's and some basic spanning-tree.

I had one question, that i had not seen anywhere.  Basically about improving a design that was running slow for a group of users in a particular vlan.  It was aimed at spanning-tree, so as long as you know spanning-tree costs/priorities and best practice designs, you should be OK, but like i said it was the only questions that i'd not seen anything like, here or elsewhere.

I did mess up a bit with the vlan filtering and this dropped me points (other than that, i don't think i got any questions wrong) when i configured the vlan access-map, i didn't apply a sequence number and i tired to remove and start again.  It wouldn't let me, so i don't think the simulators respond to negate commands.  I just went back and added a new vlan access-map.  I could still see my original, in the running config, but as it had no other config etc, it shouldn't have mattered - but that the only thing that i can think of that i did wrong.

Also, very helpful, the tab key works in the exam sims....saves a bit of time, if you're not a fast typist.

The ? also works.  You should know the commands, but if your mind goes blank and you need a reminder the ? (help key) should be enough of a prompt.

I was left with about 30 mins to spare  ( i didn't rush the sims either)  and make sure you read the questions a couple of times, just in case.  Alot of questions had nearly identical answers except for the,  "do/don't or does/doesn't" and at first glance you could quickly click the wrong one.

Anyway good luck if you're taking it shortly

Thanks for the review.

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