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SWITCH = This Saturday
I'm prepping for TSHOOT.  Passed ROUTE in June.  TSHOOT is like a big puzzle.  Not much else to learn but how to solve problems that occur in the network.  I'm enjoying it more than the other two.
Nice! Grats on your ROUTE also.  Yeah I can imagine that TSHOOT is fun... I'm looking forward to it after ROUTE.
Hey Guy! Sorry for the late reply. I am schedule to take my exam in Hawaii on the 22nd. I notice on Sim 4 the word PASS and the numbers 11, 10 is highlighted in Red. Is there a reason for this? Is there anything I should be aware of regarding Sim 4? 
"PASS" is the name they gave the access map.  You can name it anything you want, though.  11 is the access list that was created to specify the range of addresses.  And "5" and "10" are the sequence numbers for the access map's rules.  For example, sequence number "5" will be checked before sequence number "10" will be checked.

  Thanks for the clarification; I found it odd for H2P to have the word Pass highlighted. Thanks for the help; I can not wait to take this test Tuesday and move on to T-shoot. On more thing, can you elaborate your statement about HSRP ?testlet is priority decrementing and preempting??

For the HSRP stuff, just make sure you understand the concept of "priority decrementing" and also understand the concept of "preempt".  With HSRP, the device will track one of it's interfaces and either have a set decrement value, "standby 1 track Serial0 15", or it will just have the value set to default, "standby 1 track Serial0".  Notice that in the first example, the number "15" is at the end.  That means when the interface goes down, the HSRP priority of that Standby group on that L3 Switch is lowered by 15.  If the tracking command doesn't have a number at the end after the interface, then it's at the default decrement value of "10".  Sorry if that's confusing lol.  I can explain better in a chat or something.

My facebook is and my e-mail is if you want to chat.
Thanks Brad! I understand the preemptive decrementing regarding the interface. I wonder are questions on the exam HSRP lab identical to the HSRP on H2P? I arrive in Hawaii Monday, I will be in my room all day going over the questions and writing out the labs commands. My test is schedule for 230 HST. I fear the exam HSRP lab will ask me a question that was not in the H2P lab.   
The HSRP Testlet asks the same questions, but some of the numbers were different.

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