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Failed Switch 642-813 on 12/08/2011
Failed Switch 642-813 on 12/08/2011  715 out of passing 790

on test

HSRP Testlet, Labs 4,5,6 as well as some other one I cant remember

lots of questions that is not on how2pass, lot of new drag and drop not on h2p, minor differences on lab 5 and 6 compared to h2p labs

Definitely study testlet and labs listed above, 5 and 6 are not enough, have to know HSRP testlet and lab 4 access list, should be ok then

lot of new questions though, not on h2p this website is really lagging behind on updating their questions at least for this exam, they still don't have tshoot available, how long has it been since it came out, if I did not know any better I'd think they going out of business or something. If anyone out there knows of alternative training sites, means please let me know cause I am not very sure how to prepare for it, since h2p don't have it.  A site that is like h2p but really preps you for tshoot.

Sorry to hear that you did not pass.  However, I took the test last month and I saw a lot of questions on the test that I DID see on H2P.  I got an 890.  Practice exams should not be the factor that decides whether you pass or not.  If you learn the material properly by reading and doing labs, practice exams should only be the cherry on top.  Good luck!
I actually failed this last week as well. 759 out of 100. It's funny though back in early 2005 I passed this test with a 900+. Never did get my CCNP though Sad I needed to pass the BCSI. Which I passed about 30 days ago. Pretty tough test. I went to ROUTE training/GNS3 to study for that.

For this test I again went to SWTICH class and GNS3/physical equipment.

I scored the following;

Implement VLAN solution 50%
Implement Security Extension 50%
HA 100%
L3 Service 100%
Security - 0%? I'm guessing this was the 2 Wireless/VoIP question I had

4,5,6 sims on it, HSRP testlet, about 10 questions on BDPU (filter/guard)

I had about 25 questions not on the H2P. Not a big deal honestly. I was more concerned with the laps to be honest since they eat up time like no tomorrow. I finished in about 40 minutes...probably another reason why I failed.

I'm retaking Monday. Hoping the extra study time pays off. 

Issues with the test.

Why do they put a EIGRP lab on a switch test? I could careless that it's simple. Put it on the ROUTE where it belongs.
Why do they put Wireless/VoIP on the test? Again..put it on the specific track.

I couldn't figure out the H2P emphasis on wireless & telephony either. Both were on the test but not to the volume ratio as H2P has.
The EIGRP routing protocol kind of ties into the layer 3 switching.  By taking the switch interface and turning it into a layer 3 ip interface you can participate in routing protocols.  And I guess the wireless and voip is included because it fits more in the switching realm than the routing realm.  especially wireless.

but your 0% in security probably had nothing to do with voip or wireless. you most likely had security questions for port-security, vlan filters, private vlan types such as secondary vlans including community and isolated vlans.
Sounds like h2p need to update their questions for the Switch test, their questions use to be better, lot of new ones on the test that you don't see on h2p, labs seem to be ok on h2p but questions need to be updated.
Passed today with 880. I basically scored same on every section execpt one. Again, 0% in 1 category..makes no sense to me. Same SIMs/Testlet. Again, 20-25 questions not on H2P.
Congratulation USAF!! I am taking my exam next Friday in Singapore. I score a 781 first time up. I know exactly where I messed up at. For one, I bypass sim #6.

Implementing VLAN 45%
Implementing a Security 100%
Implementing switch base 78%
Prepare Infrastructure    50%
Implementing HA          100%

Has anyone started studying for T-shoot? Once again, i will let everyone how I did. Keep up with the Post!!! 

How's life in D.C Brad?
I've already started for TSHOOT. I should pretty much be ready in 30 days to take the test.

TSHOOT Cisco Press
GNS3 (GNS3 Vault website for they configuration) Love this tool.
I'm just going to have a few guys in my office break the configuration and than solve the issue. Just looking at the topology/configuration GNS3 has that you really should only have to study about few configuration items.

I'm thinking these

OSPF basic config
EIGRP basic config
BGP basic config
L2/L3 vlans
IPv6 basic configuration
Frame Relay /Serial configurations
I would add GRE tunnel to that as well for IPv4/IPv6 configuration & NAT configurations.

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