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Live from Singapore? I passed my SWITCH exam 15 minutes ago. I had the same simulator as stated by other members on the site. I did have a problem with lab 6; I was unable to add the trunk statement on Switch-B. I almost freaked out, I was sweating, and I could not understand for the life of me way Switch-B was not able to take the trunk command but Switch-A was. What do I do? I said F it, and put it on Switch-A. The document clearly states Switch-B may not take the Trunk command. However, when you?re taking the exam, the last thing on your mind is the fine print. When I get back home, my friend and I will start preparing for the T-shoot exam next month.

Yes, some of the questions from the exam are not on H2P but if you read the book, you should be able to figure it out.

Emery Bullock  :Smile
Good Job!!!
Thanks Brad!! Time to get ready for the T-shoot exam. I looked over the T-shoot exam, it's going to be a killer Sad. I should be ready by middle February.
You'll be fine!  I am almost ready to take the ROUTE exam.  Then i'll be studying for TSHOOT.  Good luck!
Grats! I'm sitting for THSOOT on Tuesday morning! Should be interesting.
Thanks Brad! Good luck on the T-Shoot USAF! What a hell of a way to start off 2012.
How was the exam USAF?
I passed with a score of 945/1000. I had a few multiple choice questions that were very easy. (I read the old CIT book) didn't really help. And about 10 troubleshooting tickets. Every single ticket looks exactly the same. Client can't reach (webserver). Honestly, the test is very easy if you study the topology/exam practice that Cisco offers prior to taking the test. I also recommend GNS3Vault website/configuration. Basically, if you go an look at the configuration it provides it's more than enough to pass the test. I got stuck once or twice..the key is the abort button..example, if you think the error is with an ACL..but you're not sure abort the ticket..and go look at another tickets configuration on that same router/switch in question. Now..I got to go take my CCNA in 2 weeks now Smile And I spent yesterday at work building the INE CCIE rack topology! Not looking forward to the excessive amount of study hours on that.
Good job USAF!  So how many questions total are on the test?  It's not the typical 50+ question test?  I'll have to look up the objectives on Cisco's website.  And what do you mean " the topology that cisco provides"?  Do they give a sneak peek at the topology that is on the test?
Yes, Cisco provides you with the topology that is on the test and a "practice" test of 3 questions that simulate the actually test. It's exactly like the real exam. And the amount of multiple choice I had was 3 I think. The rest is like a huge simulation! It's pretty fun actually. When your about to tackle the troubleshooting exam make sure you download the topology diagram and exam from Cisco's website.

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