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Need some advices + Tips etc. in my preparation for the 642-813 Switch exam

Hello Guys!

I'm going to (hopefully) knock out this Switch exam in the near future, thus studying like h... for the exam at the moment!

However I've recently noticed, that the total number of questions on the real exam has dropped from around 50 Q's to 40 Questions today including the ususal 3 Lab Sims and the HSRP TestLet (slightly modified).

This makes me think, that each of theese 40 (new?) questions will be a bit more complicated on the real exam, so the complexity of the (perhaps modified?) TOTAL Switch exam will be almost the same as before!?

I mean: WHY should the actual Switch exam suddenly be much more easy to fullfill due to a reduced number of (equal) questions??? - That simply makes no sense to me!

This could indicate, that a LOT of new (and more complex) questions recently has been added to the real world exam Q-Database, and it scares me a bit, because I then don't know what I'm really up against on the upcomming real switch exam, if you know what I mean...

Perhaps I'm thus now focusing on the WRONG Topics in my preparation for the exam, in order to fullfill it!?

I'm also wondering about the actual type of Lab Sims on the exam? - They have been there for a long time - we all know that - and I fears, that some day - sooner or later - they will be completely replaced on the exam with other / completely NEW types of Lab Sims - relevant to the actual Switch exam!?

Well well, that's NOT nice to think about for an upcomming Exam taker  Smile

So, could somebody of you recently exam takers (eg. you: Brad, David(x 2), Custo, DriveOn, Usaf and Alex etc.) please supply me with some hints, comments and advices etc. regarding my concerns for the Switch exam mentioned above!?

Thank you very much in advance to all of you, if you perhaps could help a little bit with this!


When I took the exam in november, I believe it was over 50 questions including the sims/testlets.  Most of the questions i recognized from this how2pass website.  Where do you see that the questions have been reduced to 40?  Cisco's website?? 

If that's the case, then the only way to find out if they did indeed change the question database is to go take the test  :o

Do not worry too much about it.  Just read the ciscopress book, do your labs, and study how2pass.  Then go take the test.  IF you do not pass the first time, it's not the end of the world... just take the test the following week and ace it.

Hi Brad!

Thank's a lot for answering!

Well, I've read it on a Forum from another Testsite where e.g. 3 different people reports, that they had only just 40 Questions on their Switch exams by the 20 and 21 of Nov. (2011).

(Will I be permitted to send you a copy of their text (which I don't think is well suited to post here) on your personal e-mail? (your addr. can be seen on your Forum profile) - The text contains interesting information!

However another guy on the same Forum reports, that he had 50 Questions on HIS Switch exam by the 3 of Dec. (2011), So the actual number of questions on the exam apparently seems to change from time to time, I guess!? - (I've just seen this report today)

But you're absolutely right - I simply need to be prepared on all kind of situations on the exam - Nobody knows what exactly gonna happen there - (And that's how it should be! - Right!?)

Commonly - manny people reports that they had only very few questions on voice and wireless (arround 2-4 Q's) on their Switch exams - Good to know when focucing on the RIGHT exam Topics, I think...

Regarding the time duration for the exam - How many minutes will it be? - Also here I've seen various figures!

Some people says: 90 minutes - others says: 120 minutes and a single guy on the same Forum reported that he got 150 minutes on his exam - How long time did You get in Nov. 11 ?

On my CCNA exam back in 2009, people from all non english speaking countries was offered 30 minutes more than others on the exam, due to language problems - I wonders if that's also the case for the CCNP exams today?

So, Can you perhaps help with some answers on this? - Thank you in advance!




Ohh sorry Brad - The Guy with the 50 Questions i mentioned above had this number of questions on his CCNP ROUTE Exam, and he had 150 minutes to fullfill this number of questions on this exam - Just for your information!

You are currently studying CCNP Route - Right!?


I just now checked Cisco's website and it says (120 minutes 35 - 45 questions)  I'm pretty sure it used to be (45 - 55) questions.  This was a good finding by you because I did not notice this.  It appears that the ROUTE exam is still (120 minutes 45 - 55 questions).  Also, please go ahead and e-mail me.


Thank's Brad!

I'll get back to you by e-mail with some more info, possibly to detailed to post here!

However, If anybody else of you guys have some interesting / updated exam expirence or eg "breaking news" etc. regarding the 642-813 exam, that you'll like to share with us, please post it here asap!

Thank you!

I took the Switch exam in Singapore last month (Failed the exam in Hawaii a month prior.) The Switch exam is comprise of 40 questions. I agree with Brad practice tactics; However, I can not stress enough the importance of understanding and knowing the labs. I believe the labs was a contributing factor in my Hawaii exam ( I failed by 9-points.) I am currently studying for the T-shoot right now in San Diego, maybe if I am lucky I can find a cool job like Brad and move to D.C.  Smile One can only dream, good luck on your exam.   

Thank's David!

Yep, I can guarantee you, that I'm really training the 3 labs - again and again and again - in order to both understand the Labs and manage them, at a very high speed w/o making any failures on the Labs - (that's not always very easy, you know  ;D )

I'm using Packet Tracer 5.3 for the job, and it works just great! - (except for the AAA /VACL Lab which unfortunately isn't supported within PT - so I'm just "faking the game" for this Lab ignoring the various error messages returned from the unsupported commands in this regard) - It's OK, and better than nothing  Smile

However I think it's a bit strange, that the H2P LACP Lab (Lab 6) don't mention anything about the VTP and Spanning-tree modes for SW-B (the access SW) - They should be configured for "transparant" and "rstp" mode respectively like it's neighbor switch: SW-A (the dist-switch) according to reports (rumors) from previous 642-813 exam takers elsewhere...

Also wondering about the preconfigured vlans 11,12 and 13 on the (Dist) Sw-A !? - I think it's only very briefly described, what actually should be done with these vlans as regards configuration of the vlans on the (Access) Sw-B and on the FEC trunk too!? - (These vlans seems only to be included within the spanning-tree vlan "bla bla bla" priority 61440 command on Sw-B (so Sw-A becomes the STP Root as required), and nothing more - within the H2P Lab#6

Shouldn't these vlans also be configured on the Access Sw-A and allowed on the FEC trunk too???

How fast (no of minutes) do you think the LACP Lab should be managed, on the real exam?

Any comments on this?



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