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Passed CCNP ROUTE 19-04-12
Passed the ROUTE exam yesterday with a credible 953/1000. There's no doubting that how2pass is a great help but you really need to understand the concepts of how everything works to feel comfortable. The CCNP ROUTE book by Wendell is worth getting and reading!

50 Questions, a lot of EIGRP and OSPF, 4 SIMS; PBR, OSPF STUB, OSPF/EIGRP Redistribution, EIGRP ip summary-address. Some of the configuration isn't as it is in what how2pass have on their site, hence you need to have a good knowledge of the IOS and where to look. I was unaware that the ? command does sometimes give you some help on some of the sims and don't worry if the copy run start command doesn't work.

1 exam away from CCNP now :-D

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