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Passed with a 987!!
I really didn't find the test to be that difficult. I already knew my stuff, but H2P brought it all together as the final part of studying. I ran into the AAA simulation. I didn't run into the PPPoE simulation, however, there was a drag and drop that dealt specifically with PPPoE configuration. I had the SDM firewall testlet, and the SDM VPN testlet. I also had the testlet with all of the GRE tunnels with EIGRP running over it. There were only 59 questions. Not too bad. All in all, it was worth the $39 that I spent on H2P, and I will probably do the same thing with my final test, ONT.

Thanks H2P!
can you elaborate on the testlets a little more?  I've only passed the CCNA, and I think i only had 1 simulation and 1 testlet... The thought of 5 in one test is a little intimidating...
I'm not sure what you mean by "elaborate", but I will give it a shot. Essentially what you have with a testlet is a configuration already in place. You have to answer certain questions (almost always more than 1 question) based on either viewing the configuration from CLI, using show commands, or as is the case with most ISCW questions, using SDM. For example, one of the testlets related to the Cisco IOS firewall feature. I had to answer three questions about the configuration of the firewall feature on a router. The only thing available to me was a dummy-downed version of SDM. You have to know what to look for. Hope that helps.
That certainly is helpful - I haven't been spending much time with SDM, now I see I better get to it...

You mentioned that ran into a AAA sim?  as in, AAA configuration using a local database or radius/tacacs?
It is the same AAA sim that h2p has. I believe it had to do with setting up TACACS authentication on the VTY lines, and setting up local authentication on the CON and AUX lines.
I had the AAA and PPoE simlets like H2P has. I also had the GRE Tunnels testlet, and SDM VPN and firewall testlets. I actually preferred having more simlets/testlets over the MCMA. I feel like I can actually /work/ through the problem better. Passed with a 949, my highest cert pass yet!

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