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Has any one experienced any freaky vibes today ? ref: QID:S27
ref: QID:S27

I worked on this question for the last two & got the respected outcome fine. But today, it acted a little strange??

The folowing details will highlight where I'm coming from;

router rip
version 2
ip classless

Bravo#sh ip protocol
Routing Protocol is "rip"
    Sending updates every 30 seconds, next due in 12 seconds
    Invalid after 180 seconds, hold down 180, flushed after 240
    Outgoing update filter list for all interfaces is
    Incoming update filter list for all interfaces is
    Redistributing: rip
    Default version control: send version 1, receive any version
        Interface            Send    Recv    Key-chain
        Serial0/0                2        1 2
        FastEthernet0/0        2        1 2
    Routing for Networks:
    Routing Information Sources:
        Gateway        Distance        Last Update    120                00:00:21
    Distance: (default is 120)

As you can see I'ved saved in the config, router RIP version 2, but 'ip protocol' claims I was running version 1....Freaky or what.

Was there a problem on your servers today or something.

Even more freakishly it marked my answer right, which i was chuffed with.

Just though you Admin bods should know...

Keep up the good work...


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