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This answer seems to me to be wrong.  What do others think?

There are 3 routers connected via serial links. The routers have 27 hosts, 17 hosts and the one we are looking at has 13 hosts.  The question is which address should the fast ethernet address have.

We are subnetting on with a mask of

That's ok so far, but is says we are using RIP1.  How would that work with a subnet of 224.  Surely it would not see the subnetted bits if using RIP1?

The answer I find even more strange.  Options are:


I went for 64 as 192 seemed less correct.

The answer was 190, because all the others are either broadcasts or subnets.  But if we are looking for a fast ethernet port from a router with a number of hosts, it would be subnet address surely no?

You're right to query this, but Cisco is simply looking tsee if we truely understand the status of the IP's.

I too went down the route of subnetting & see which IP would be valuable, which made me run out of time. :-[

Until reversed engineer the answer & understood that they simply wanted us to see which IP is usuable within a /27 enviroment.

Hence why .190 is the answer & the others are eith Networks or Broadcast IP's..
Thanks - yeah I asked on another forum and I get it now

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