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CCNP route passed!
Finally got this monkey off my back...but he didnt want to go that easy!!  Eased in with a few familiar questions then got the Lab 5 EIGRP lab. did it exactly like H2P but noticed I didnt have the summary route in table for R4 or the 2 subnets in R3!!!!! didn;t see what i did wrong....everytime i did sh run on R3 it kept showing eigrp connected summary which put me off! i know it does this by default but really put me off seeing it there...i tried changing the ip summarry eigrp 123 subnets,etc but didnt help/Every so often I saw the 2 subnets on R3 but then it would disappear next time i did sh ip route(i just think the Cisco exam simulators are dodgy!)....time was ticking so eventaully i left it after 30 mins or so as I was getting sweaty. the rest was mainly from H2P with the redistribute lab 7 a little changed with all this extra loopbacks,etc on every router but this was there simply to look different. they asked for a ping AND telnet to work from R1 loopback 101 but telnet was not available or pinging from a loopback source..again cisco simulator commands ! i just left it, carried on and came out with 976 in the end !

considering I panicked for a bit and was very surprised at my score,  to be honest these tests really aren't that hard at all! The best thing i learned from all this study was in a quote I got from the CCNP route study guide by Bryant - " Knowledge destroys fear and panic" !  - Great for exams and life Smile



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