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some dsl and voip questions
anyone interested in voip i mean voice over ip

first my confusion is i think if there must be an internet also there must be
a computer over there . Is this true ?

and for voip: if we get to do voip in a company and we should have voip devices
in it then i want to communicate the analog phones between two branch offices
is it enough to have just voip gateways ?

another thing if we try to use voip phones what will change? can we use voip phones
without computer support ? i have seen somewhere "you can use voip phones
everywhere while travelling or... but how can it connect to the internet while

last one is for dsl : i mean adsl ; while connecting from home to the internet
via dsl we use telephone line from isp and an internet cable for dsl and internet
ok then we use fast ethernet for modem to pc connecting.

if we want to do voip in a company across dsl how can we perform it ? do we
need a computer again?

schema :

analog phone - adc - voip device - router-modem - isp - modem-router - voip device-dac - analog phone is this right and where would be the dsl here?

reply please.
There are several free ebooks on the internet relating to the subjects about which you ask. Also, Ebay always has good deals on books, cd-ROMs and equipment to perhaps build a lab and gain valuable knowledge through practical experience. It is my opinion that these methods of learning will best suit you. From the questions you are asking, I would guess you know very little about these subjects, and could probably ask questions until the cows come home. Please do not misunderstand---I always enjow answering questions where and when I can, but these methods will be much more valuable for you. There is no teacher better than your own practical hands-on experience. This is how many of us learn.

Ya your right, that is some question about dsl and voip...Call Center Software!!!

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