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PASSED 300-115 this morning
Great site.  Passed SWITCH with a score of 890.  Most of the questions I got were from this site.  They re-word a few so keep on your toes. Definitely make sure you live and breathe the simulations and drag and drops.  Thanks again for a great site.  Keep up the Fantastic work.
Were all the sims you had, the ones in the 300-115 memebers area?
Only I have seen some different ones not inculded on How2Pass beeing showing as part of the exam on 9tut ;-)
Hi Matt,
Please check Hands-on Labs section in the member area for all labs that are relevant to current 300-115 exam.
Thanks Forum Admin. It appears LAB 7 is missing form the members area.
I am sure I saw it there the other day but now it has gone and is replaced with "New!" so does that mean it's no longer valid or was I seeing things? Thanks.
Previous Lab# 6 has been removed. Previous lab# 7 has been renamed as Lab# 6. It has been updated to help solve all tasks in exam as per user feedback. More commands and command outputs are included.
Great thanks Admin ! ! !
Quick question regarding LAB 6.
Can I ask why we create vlan 11-13 on Switch B as I don't see a requirement for it in the question and also we manually prune it from the trunk which suggests they are not needed on switch B? Thanks Smile
I also consider it beyond requirements, but addition of these VLANs is recommended by many users who got 100% in this area.
Just passed my Switch test this morning!!! I failed it the first time before i found this site and thank God i found it for my second go, a lot of the questions used are more trivia than actually apply to real world use(at least with my experience). But it helped so much, i would say about 80 percent of the questions were either spot on of just re-worded a bit. You definitely want to make sure you know the simulations and the drag and drop questions like the back of your hand. All the drag and drop i had on the test today were on this site along with the sims. Good luck everyone, I'm planning on taking my Routing exam in about a month or so, after i finish going through the online video courses I'm taking on Udemy, i will for sure be using this site as a supplement to my studying. If you got any questions shoot away ill be happy to help if i can.
Took the test this am the hands on labs are right out of the test (suttle changes but the same questions) Passed with 832 saw a lot of questions from how2pass

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