Browser Requirements

  • Recommended Browsers: Firefox v38+ or Internet Explorer v10+ or Chrome v45+ is the minimum requirement.
  • JavaScript enabled: In 99% cases the JavaScript is enabled by default. You will get a warning if it is not enabled.
  • Popup Windows enabled: Your browser must allow popup windows for Please use this page to verify the popup blocker and other requirements. Click here for instructions to disable the Popup Blocker in Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Screen Size: The test interface initially uses the screen size of 800x600 or 1024x768. You can resize it later as desired.

Test Interface

  • The first page shown is the index page showing topic-wise tests grouped as Study Mode/Practice Mode and a Random Test under the Test Mode.
  • You can see your score history by clicking on the history link in front of every test.
  • The last column in front of every test shows a Progress Meter, indicating your progress on that test. Moving your mouse on the progress meter shows your progress in percentage. Keep practicing on every topic-wise test in study mode, until you score 100%.
  • It takes three clicks to start a test without any advanced options:
    1. select a test by clicking on the radio button (dot) in first column,
    2. select number of questions, and
    3. hit Take the test now button.
  • Three clicks to start a test
  • Hitting Take the test now button will open a new popup window with three panels. The top panel shows a help button that opens this page, time remaining, a progress bar, and the question counter.
  • The Middle panel shows questions and exhibits. The Exhibit button if available opens the exhibit. The cross button on the exhibit window hides the exhibit.
  • The bottom panel shows controls like <<Back, Next>>, Answer, and Quit Test buttons.
  • In Study Mode, you can use the Answer button to show correct answer and explanation for a question. Use the Hide Ans button to hide answer. This feature is not available for Test Mode (Random Test).
  • The Quit Test button will end the test evaluating your responses up to the current question.
  • Back buttonand the Answer button are disabled in the Random Test and this test essentially selects 5% Simulation/Scenario questions where applicable. Therefore, if you attempt 60 questions with the random test, it must include 3 Simulation questions to mimic the real test (only in associate level tests).
  • When you complete a test the results page shows your score report, section analysis, each question with your answer, correct answer and explanation, and a button titled Repeat this test with (x) incorrectly answered questions. Clicking this button will start a new test with only questions that you answered incorrectly.

Advanced Options

  • Controls: The controls include options like enable back button, enable answer button, and timed test. The timed test will automatically end the test when your time expires, scoring only questions that you have attempted.
  • Question Search: You can access any question if you know its question id (QID). QID is the string indicated in red color in (QID:NA255). Enter QID in the search field and hit Take the test now button. Please note that in order to take any other test after you have clicked on the Question Search field, you have to select that test again.
  • Question Filter: This is very useful and most demanded option that enables you to attempt all questions of a test according to your own pace and taste, e.g., some users don't like more than 10-20 questions in a go, but they don't want to see already answered questions on next attempt. Here comes the role of this filter. It remembers the questions you have attempted, whether answered correct or incorrect, separately, for each topic-wise test. This data is stored on our server, so that you can use this filter from any location. For example, you can take a test on your office computer and see the questions you got wrong from your home computer also. It offers the following filtering options:

    Answered Correct: Shows questions which you have answered correct in previous attempt(s).
    Answered Incorrect: Shows questions which you have answered Incorrect in previous attempt(s).
    Unseen: Shows questions which you have not yet seen.
    Erase filter history: Erases your record of which questions you answered correct or incorrect.

How 2 enable Popup Windows in
Internet Explorer/Edge / Mozilla Firefox / Chrome

All modern browsers have popup blocker enabled by default. Follow the directions in one of the options below to add an exception for You can also add this exception by selecting appropriate option in the warning message that is displayed when the popup window is blocked by your browser.

Internet Explorer v11

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools (Gear sign or Alt+X) > Internet Options > Privacy tab.
  3. Click on the Settings button under Pop-up Blocker.
  4. Under Address of Web sites to allow: enter * and click Add.
  5. Click Close button to close the Pop-up Blocker settings dialog. Close Internet Options dialog.

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Click Tools > Options > Privacy & Security.
  3. Scroll down to view the checkbox for Block pop-up windows. Click the Exceptions button in front of the Block pop-up windows option.
  4. Type in the Address of website field.
  5. Click Allow button
  6. Click Save Changes button.

Google Chrome

  1. Launch Google Chrome.
  2. Enter chrome://settings/content/popups in the URL/address bar and press the Enter key.
  3. Click the Add button to the right of Allow option.
  4. Type [*.] in the site field of Add a site dialog box.
  5. Click Add button and you are done.
Create exeption for our website in Chrome popup blocker