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General / Where I am at now....
« Last post by darrenchess on May 25, 2017, 05:51:05 PM »
 Hi Guys,
 I am new to the IT field and have been working in healthcare for the last 17 years or so. I was told that this site is very good and does a decent job of having questions very similar to the actual exam.
So far I have gone through CBT Nugget's ICND1 with Jeremy Cioara. I find Jeremy to be ok but he seems to glaze over certain topics while over-emphasizing others. His enthusiasm for the subject is probably why I watched his entire 76 hour video marathon.

 I also have some lab equipment and an older version of Packet Tracer. I like the simulations/emulations because I can go through them much faster than actual routers and switches. That and I don't have any serial ports on any of my routers....go figure. I'm not going to buy and install interfaces for outdated devices.

 When I hit this site, I noticed that the questions where quite different than the material I studied. Like I said, CBT Nuggets seemed to hit the high points and move on. At first, I was a little frustrated by this.
 The material on this site appears to be related to what I studied but some of it is totally foreign. I find myself going back and having to read up on IPV6, for instance. I'm not sure why they don't cover IPV6 more in depth on CBT Nuggets. It almost seems like a separate but related topic. I keep smacking CBT Nuggets around but I just feel they kinda missed this one in my opinion.
 ...But I am glad I have this site to look at and study before I take the exam.

 So I probably have another month or so at this point. If I fail, I can turn around and take it within 24 hrs again...I think. Have any of you taken it a few times in a row?

 Anyway, feel free to comment. Cheers.

Site News & Issues / Test 200-125 has been changed
« Last post by easygoing2020 on May 24, 2017, 08:53:21 PM »
Cisco 200-125 has been change on MAY 20TH 2017, Do you guys have new Q
CCNP SWITCH 300-115 / Passed with 890 today
« Last post by brownhorse on May 23, 2017, 07:36:36 PM »
Saw 5 or 6  new Questions. HSRP testlet was bit different but if you use show standby and show run command you can figure your way out

Dot1x LAB and Lab#7 (LACP etherchannel,vtp prunning) lab were right on
Exam Experience / Passed my ICND2-200-105!
« Last post by layburn00599 on May 16, 2017, 12:45:34 PM »
Passed the ICND2 to get my CCNA this morning. :D I needed an 811 and scored 848. Anyone that wants a legitimate chance at passing these cert exams should use this site. This is the most comprehensive tool that's available outside of a formal Cisco class. The exam was exactly what I expected, having a handful of questions that weren't covered here, but the majority of the questions are on this site. The router sims were the same topologies. I was given 3 sims, but I didn't have to do any configs. the sims that I was given were worded the same, with interfaces and outputs, and answers being the variables. I'll be using this site when I go for my CCNP.  Thanks guys! Good luck to all of you!
CCNP SWITCH 300-115 / Failed last week
« Last post by Otto on May 14, 2017, 06:50:25 AM »
Just missed out.

There were a good few new multiple choice questions that are not on here. Id say I saw 12 new questions.

There was about 4 new drag and drop questions that have since been added to this website.

The labs I got were covered on this site.

I dont think passing is guaranteed using this site unless the questions are updated. I can see some of the drag and drop questions were added but that doesn't cover it.
CCNP ROUTE 300-101 / CCNP 300-101
« Last post by simple36 on May 13, 2017, 06:36:11 PM »
Any recent test takers for a comparison of these practice tests vs the real one.  I have read the books, completed cisco exams and wanted to throw these in the mix if they reflect exam scenarios.

CCNP SWITCH 300-115 / Re: Failed
« Last post by Forum Admin on May 08, 2017, 03:19:33 PM »
Yesterday and today, we have added new questions and drag-and-drops to this test.
CCNP SWITCH 300-115 / Failed
« Last post by JKing1983 on April 28, 2017, 10:00:26 PM »
Took the test today failed unfortunately. Sims on test are by far more difficult then the hands on on this site. In addition some topics on test not really addressed in practice tests here. Second time taking it and failing. Feel like the exam is set up for failure.
CCNP SWITCH 300-115 / Passed Exam
« Last post by summit2 on March 30, 2017, 01:46:35 PM »
Recently passed the exam, thanks to H2P.  Was able to identify weak areas that needed more study and areas where the OCG didn't cover well enough.  Labs #6 and #4 and the simulet #2 were right on.  Follow the HP2 recommendations on prep and study approach, it works.
Exam Experience / Passed ICND 200-105
« Last post by kohliemj on March 29, 2017, 08:47:39 PM »
Passed the exam to renew CCNA.  Cutoff score was 811 and I scored 860. I had 51 question and 3 Sims. Exam material was very helpful in preparing me for the exam as I've used this site before when I went to class and passed the CCNA exam in 2014.

Thank you "How to Pass"
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