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Why is my IP being blocked?
I am logged in via my neighbors WLAN with his permission and we both use Roadrunner... I was online last night running router simulators and got cut-off.... I cannot even tracert from my IP to yoursite

What the heck?
Use and note down your public IP address.

Use tracert on your windows command prompt to get trace route output. Send both bits of information to our support address, we will unblock your IP if it was blocked.

The firewall normally blocks an IP if it notices too many open connections from an IP.
Customer Service just replied to my email and they blocked it..

"Our firewall blocked the following IP address due to too many open connections, which seems to be on your ISP network. Please do not use https bases urls, use based urls.

We have unblocked this IP."

I never had any problems until I got into this forum.... In fact it just blocked IP address "" because was mistyping my password, redirected to a "Did you forget you password, give us your email" web page... and WHAM!!! Blocked again....

I agree there is a need for security but this is over the edge

I suppose to play it safely going forward I will avoid logging into the forum since, apparently you need separate accounts for each hence, seeing to many users with this IP logged into your site... think?

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