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CCNP 300-101 Questions
CCNP 300-101 has not been updated with any questions for almost 4 months.

Some sites state they have the new questions as of August . Its approx 150 plus new additional question. When will this site update/add the new questions?

There is no major change from Cisco. There are only 5-6 new questions. We shall look into this matter.
Thanks for the quick answer. Pass Leader was one of the sites showing 894 questions. As of Sep 2nd.
 I would hate to miss the exam by one or 2 questions.

Thanks again..
The best training on the planet no question about that. Saturday I took my NP routing exam, I only study for one month straight just with their website and their explanations, no book, no videos and I just passed thanks to them, labs were different on the exam but it was the same concept.
again thank you so much guys

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