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range of questions feature
I liked it when the site allowed you to select a range of questions (1 - 10, 1 - 20, etc; ) as I felt the repetition helped me better prepare for the test.  That and I could use it as a yardstick to gauge my progress throughout whatever section I happened to be studying. Are you guys/gals considering bringing that feature back or is that feature gone forever?  It would be great if you would bring that ability back.
You can select 10, 20, 30... number of questions. To avoid repetition, you can use Questions Filter under Advanced Options to select "Unseen" questions in each topic-wise test. Here are the steps to achieve it:

1. Select a test and reset its progress history by selecting Advanced Options > Questions Filter > Erase progress history of selected test. Now press Take the test now button.

2. Take a test by selecting fewer questions, say 20 or 30 and complete it.

3. Next time, select fewer questions but use "Questions Filter" to select "Unseen questions" or "Answered Incorrect" questions. In this way you can traverse all the questions of a test, at desired speed and without repeating already seen or correctly answered questions.
I hadn't thought of doing it that way. I will definitely give it a shot. Thanks for your speedy reply!
Would going much above 30 be considered too much?
I think above 50 is not good. Below 50 is good.

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