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encor wrong answers

I didn't found Json example, but XML. I think first snippet is "target"

<target/> to specify what to modify (in this case "running" config)
<config/> is modification itself for the target config:

NETCONF edit-config to change device hostname

<rpc xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:netconf:base:1.0" message-id="">
      <native xmlns="urn:ios">

Also in the question EC463 "config:" already exist in "edit-config:", so most probably it should be "target:":


There is not overload parameter configured.

I don't think it is PAT, but it is NAT. It is dynamically allocate one IP address from the pool to the internal hosts and keep the same IP to translate all traffic for the same host until allocation expired.

We don't now was it Telnet or something else from the provided output.

It looks like one hosts opened communication using NAT and one of the two available in the pool addresses was allocated for this host.

I would consider better answer is "The first packet..."

I think more accurate could be "Unicast discovery request to each WLC"

"When the AP is able to resolve this name to one or more IP addresses, the AP sends a unicast CAPWAP Discovery Message to the resolved IP address(es). Each WLC that receives the CAPWAP Discovery Request Message replies with a unicast CAPWAP Discovery Response to the AP."

"Send a discovery request to every controller on the list and wait for the controller's discovery reply which contains the system name, AP-manager IP addresses, the number of APs already attached to each AP-manager interface, and overall excess capacity for the controller."

Join will be send to only one WLC according to the checklist: Primary, Secondary, Tartary, Master, Load balance to equity. Always one and even:

"If two controllers have the same excess capacity, then send the join request to the first controller that responded to the discovery request with a discovery response. If a single controller has multiple AP-managers on multiple interfaces, choose the AP-manager interface with the least number of APs"


I think it should be answer with "interface Gi0/0 80"

Syntax requires "Inside local IP address" (in our case aftper protocol (in our case TCP)

AAA(config)#ip nat inside source static tcp ?

  A.B.C.D  Inside local IP address

But Syntax allow to use interface option for a Global Source:

AAA(config)#ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 ?
  A.B.C.D    Inside global IP address
  interface  Specify interface for global address

AAA(config)#ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 interface gigabitEthernet 0/0/0 ?

  <1-65535>  Global UDP/TCP port

AAA(config)#ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 interface gigabitEthernet 0/0/0 80

I think it is target.

Example form

# lock running manually
EC389 doesn't appear to have a correct answer per the exhibit provided. Expected answer is "Cisco DNA Center has the incorrect credentials for "cat900-1"" since it is the entry in the json response of "Authentication Failed" for "ReachabilityStatus". The "cat3850-1" is "Unreachable" and the "RouterASR-1" is "Reachable" and neither of those are choices currently on the answer list.
EC463, EC448, EC130, EC400, EC111 and EC389 have been fixed.

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