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Fix Question QID:EC541
Refer to the exhibit. R2 is the neighboring router of R1. R2 receives an advertisement for network Which configuration should be applied for the subnet to be advertised with the original /24 netmask?

The correct answer is:

R1(config)# interface loopback0
R1(config)# ip iospf network point-to-point

You mark the correct:
R1(config)#interface loopback0
R1(config)#ip ospf1 area 0

On OSPF loopback address normally are advertise as /32 , but some rare occasion that need to be advertise as /24 they only option is to advertise as point-to-point

thank you
Thank you for your feedback. The answer has been fixed. The explanation was already suggesting the point-to-point option.

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