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Subnetting Made Easy
I second that on this being a great tutorial, explained in a simple manner, and very easy to understand. So many people freak out when they have to subnet a class A or class B, because they are thinking that they have to do the math for more than one octet. You have explained it in a way that one could simply do the math on the octet in question...for example, the /19, only the third octet is the concern. Very good! ;D >Sad :Smile
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this website is not working ..can u plz fix
Try this: http://www.subnettingmadeeasy.blogspot.c...esson.html
I used the way described in 'Sybex CCNA Study Guide 6th'
Try reading your tutorial it. If you know you are doing is very uselful. If not you will find very quickly. I also have a hex and binary conversion. Taking into account the number of those subnets test, we really need to know and understand how to calculate out the number.

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