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CCNA with no experience
I am interested in the CCNA.  I have no network experience.  I have 10 years of experience as a security application developer/tech lead.  I am a CISSP and a CISA.

As we all know security is required in both the application and network layers.  My overall goal is to understand what security is required and how it gets implemented at the network layer.  I would never do the actual implementation but would interface with those who do.

I was thinking that I would merely read a few network books but then I thought why not go for the actual certification.

Does anybody have any thoughts, how much work would it be to get the CCNA (with no exp) and is it even worth it given my goals ?

Thanks in advance for any comments

hi there

i also interested to take a ccna. i am a fresh graduate and currently i work as a network analysis.
hopefully u will sucess Smile

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