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I am completing Exploration by Cisco Network Academy.
But I am not sure to take CCNA or ICND1/ICND2.

My trouble to make decision is topics in Exploration are not structured to match the syllabus of ICND1/2
I have to pick and match topics to ICND1/2.
However, taking single exam CCNA seems to have a lot to remember, the risk is higher on one go.

Can some share some thoughts, CCNA or ICND1/2 easier to pass?


I chose to go with the 2 exam approach (ICND1, then ICND2), because of cost and because I did not know what to expect.

If you take the 2 exam approach, you still end up paying the same as the single CCNA exam, because each ICND exam is half the price of the CCNA.  Also, I liked taking the 2 exam approach because I was not sure what to expect since I had not taken a Cisco exam before.  Plus, if you split them up you will get to focus on particular areas, rather than trying to understand everything at once.  And, if you don't pass, you are only out $125 instead of the full $250.  Taking the ICND exams allowed me to know what I was getting into.

Good luck.
I personally went with the 640-802 and had no problems with taking the exam.  If you put in the time to study and find some solid resources, you should do great at either exam path.   Check out our resource page and FAQs for more info:

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