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password recovery catalyst 4000 - no confreg?
Hi Guys,

Not exam related but figured someone might help me out here..I got a really cheap catalyst 4000 with supervisor engine II < $60 delivered and as usual it's as pulled out of the rack with a password.

Obviously I go to cisco and check the relevant document on resetting.

Problem is it appears that confreg is not present in the ROMMON prompt as displayed below

rommon 1 > ?
alias              set and display aliases command
dev                list the device table
dir                list files in file system
copy                copy file between file systems
del                delete a file
undelete            undelete a file
squeeze            remove deleted files
history            monitor command history
repeat              repeat a monitor command
sync                write monitor environment to Nvram
unalias            unset an alias
unset              unset a monitor variable
boot                boot an image from flash/network
clear              clear configurations, use 'clear help' for more info
help                print list of available commands
ping                ping an ip addr
promrestore        restore a corrupted boot ROM
reset              restart the system
set                show/set environment vars, use 'set help' for more info
show                show config parameters, use 'show help' for more info
sprom              display sprom contents
version            display version info

I need to get this into default config so I can mess with it in my lab but there seems to be no way to set the config-register to get it to skip the startup-config.

I've done this with all my 2500's and 4000 routers but this one has got me puzzled.

Thanks in advance.
With switches, password recovery is different. The Catalyst switches...hmmm...the 2500's are not
rommon1>confreg 2142
they are
rommon1>o/r 0x2142
That's how it's done on older equipment. But on switches, you hold a button in while powering on the switch, and copying the config to config.old, then something else...can't remember...look up password recovery on catalyst 2950...

Please visit this link i hope you get your soluations,

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