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I passed today with a score of 809.  One thing that threw me that there were 3 router sims.  One EIGRP route summarization sim, and OSPF summarization sim and another sim dealing with ospf and ipv6 (that one really threw me.  Just about all the question were from this site.  The weird thing (besides 3 router sims! I thought there would only be one) was that there was a question about fiber cabling standards and one about vlans.  Both those questions I feel should be on other cert tests like the BCMSN.  Also there were no drag and drop questions at all.  I hammered those like all the other questions.  I dont understand why there were no drag and drops on my test.  But I am very happy to pass.    Big Grin
Congrats !!

Are you talking about OSPF Vertual link when you said "ospf ipv6" ? Please let me know. I am planning to take in 2 days
Congrat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks for sharing your experience, it would be very useful to me as I am going for BSCI very soon, may be in two weeks time.

So what's next ? BCMSN ?

Good luck.

to the question about the virtual link I am not sure if the sim was about that or not.  Make sure to go over any ospf ipv6 material from this site and anything else you have.  BCMSN is next
Thanks for your quick reply.  You'll enjoy BCMSN as I think its much easier than this.
well some people have said that the BSCI is the hardest of all these CCNP tests tracks.  Some also say that the BCMSN is also as hard.  The other funny thing is that on this and some other Cisco cert boards people are saying that there are wireless questions on the BCMSN.  I wonder why?  thats like taking the security cert and you get 5-10 questions about voip.  It just makes no sense
I've passed ONT which is full of Wireless,VPN,QoS, and VOIP.  Compare this to BCMSN wireless topics, they are more like start ups for ONTs.  I've taken completely reverse path.  Did ONT and taking BSCI Tomorrow or Saturday and then take rest of them next week.   Out of 4, BSCI was the taughest for me. For other, it may be easy if they have had experience with all of routing protocols.  

I think the reason for them to throw some of Wireless and security question in BCMSN is to prepare you for ONT.

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