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I hope I am not violating the posting rules by re-posting the question in the forum...

I'm not certain on the answer for this question. The correct answer shows that the router will prefer the next hop of for packets destined to network. Is this simply because of the lower router-id for the eBGP peers?
Or is there some sort of typo here where acl 65 should really be acl 20...? ? ?  I am assuming a default local-pref of 100 for
each peer..

router bgp 65001
  neighbor remote-as 65001
  neighbor remote-as 65555
  neighbor route-map local_pref in
  neighbor remote-as 65510
route-map local-pref permit 10
  match ip address 20
  set local-preference 200
access-list 65 permit

I remember this question.  I think they messed up on the ACL number and your right it should be 20 instead of 65.  Thats the only way it makes any sense.
Just saw this post
I posted the same thing, so I am glad I am not the only one confused.....

But technically speaking, the answer for the question is wrong, if the configuration is accurate as it is written.

I think they messed up on the ACL
It should be 20, and not 65

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