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Possible Type-o's??
QID:RTE140, For BGP, regarding the Exhibit,
I think the ACL that is referenced is incorrect.....
"match ip address 20"
And the ACL is "access-list 65 permit...."

And also::

Hands On Lab #4, OSPF Virtual Link
This has the IPv6 addresses.

I am confused by the Running Config between R2 and R3
They are configured w/ IPv4 Addresses, but yet show ospf for IPv6 enabled on the interfaces.
I don't think it will work that way.

Can anyone smarter than I, shed some light on those two problems??
First question: You are correct; it should say "Match ip address 65"

Second question: An interface can have both an ipv4 as well as an ipv6 IP address -- and with ipv6, OSPF is enabled within the interface.  Does this answer your question?
Right, I am aware of having two IPs, and that OSPF for IPv6 is enabled on the interface.

But you have no IPv6 address configured on the Serial interfaces between R2 and R3.

So I am wanting to know if you have to have IPv6 address configured for OSPF IPv6 to work or not.....

On the other interfaces, you have IPv6 address configured.
Doing some looking on Cisco's site doesn't show anything directly or indirectly in regards to addressing and OSPFv3

They show examples of configuring and enabling OSPFv3 on the interface without using any IP address.....v4 or v6.


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