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QID:RTE039 - please explain answer
This question asks about configuring a default route.

The correct answer is:
    router eigrp 190
    redistribute static
    ip route null 0

The incorrect answer is:
  ip default-network

Why is the "ip default-network" answer incorrect?
In the correct answer, why the "null 0"?
The question states the link toward the internet is e 0/0. So I expected  e 0/0 to be present rather than null 0?



Is this one of the questions on the How2Pass exams??
If so, which one?

But if you create a static route/default route, they are usually placed in the routing table w/ null 0
So the ip route null 0 looks to me at first blush as a type-o
That is why I was wondering which question you refer to, so I can take a closer look at it.

Not sure about the default-network, is there a diagram w/ this question??

Just saw the answer to my question in the subject line, let me look that question up.
Ok, Just saw the problem.

What they are showing you in the example w/ answers is a portion of the "sh run" command.

router eigrp 190
  redistribute static
ip route null 0

The exclamation point (!) signifies a separation in commands that have been entered.

So they are showing that in order to obtain the desired outcome of the question the Administrator needs to add the redistribute static command under the EIGRP process and he will also need to do a default route entry "ip route e0/0" (or some such entry).
So my guess is one of two things
1) a type-o
2) a correct entry meant to throw you off.

Because once you enter an "ip route ...." command, then a route is placed into the routing table going to null0
ip default-network is intended for use w/ IGRP it doesn't understand the concept behind "ip route"

They achieve the same results though.
Which is propagating default routes through out the routing domain.

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