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I'm not sure why route would be the only route redistributed into the OSPF area. 

Hang on...I think I see now.  That is an EIGRP route.  The other two routes are directly connected and therefore do not need redistribution, correct?
You are in the right direction...

"redistribute eigrp 10 subnets"

Meaning it is redistributing the eigrp routes into the OSPF domain.  While is part of the subnet, it is referring to how the router sees the particular routes.  With an AD of 90, we know the to be an EIGRP route.
Kyle is right.

Since the one IP is directly connected, it is not learned by EIGRP.

The other one is learned by EIGRP, as seen in the show ip route command output.
So that route is the one that will be redistributed into OSPF.
Thank you kylecbarnes and sdunn96!  That makes perfect sense.

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