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Passed CCNA 640-802! 923/1000 :D
I'm 16 ;D and I've been studying toward this exam thoroughly since school ended in mid-June. Before this summer, I was quite the newbie when it came to networking. For my preperation, I purchased the CCNA ExamCram book by Michael Valentine and Andrew Whitaker, viewed all of Chris Bryant's YouTube vids (, practiced on a dynamips simulated router, and of course, how2pass.  I gotta say though, how2pass was by far the best study tool that anyone could use. The ExamCram book, though very informative and easy to grasp, was replete with so many mistakes! It honestly was ridiculous. If you intend to buy that book I highly recommend verifying what you have learned with a reputable source. I read one chapter, watched the corresponding video, and did the corresponding how2pass test (all questions for that section). After I exhausted all the non-sim how2pass questions, I did sections I had most trouble with once more (Test #s 1,2,5, and 9). The day before the test, I completed each of the router simlet/simulators/testlets three times over.

Now to the test...
I had 50 questions, 90 minutes each. Seriously, I'd say about 30-40 of the questions some variant of the how2pass questions. I'd advise anyone whose taking it anytime soon to go through the recently added questions the day of the test (Test 12) as most of the questions I encountered were from here. I had two simulations and one simlet. The simlet regarded VTP/VLANS/STP and was extremely easy if you had done and studied from QID:S14. The simulations were EIGRP related (QID:S16) and Access-list related (QID:S17). These simulations were almost exactly how it appeared in how2pass, except for the scenarios provided. I had a couple tricky questions about cable types and WLAN security but again, I had seen something like it somewhere on how2pass. The subnetting questions were extremely few and extremely easy if you've read the by Chris.

For those of you who are concerned that auto-TAB is not available during the exam, thats not a problem. Just put a "?" in the middle of the command and it will give a list of choices that essentially works just the same as auto-TAB.

I finished the exam with a solid 45 minutes remaining. So my advice would be not to worry to much about being pressed for time. Just focus on getting the question right. Write everything you remember down onto the piece of paper they give you prior to the exam. Also, if the Expo marker stops working, don't be afraid to ask your proctor for another one Tongue

I think the best aspect about how2pass is the elaborate explanation they provide so you actually understand the concept behind what you got wrong, as opposed to memorizing the correct answer. That, as well as the number of questions they provide. And I'm not just saying that because this is their forum and all (which incidentally is also very helpful; those of you using a guest profile, get a real one! interact your fellow CCNA aspirants/experts!).

I hope I havn't violated any forum rules, and thanks how2pass!

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