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Passed ICND2 - now I have CCNA!
Smile ;D

Thank you how2pass.  I normally don't write these messages but I'm very happy. I used how2pass to practice for both ICND1 and ICDND2 exams where I got 950 and 930 respectively.

Definitely for me ICND2 was more stressful as I'm more familiar with subnetting than routing but it turned out ok.  I finished with 8 minutes to spare but I was super stressed halfway through as I got a bunch of difficult questions right at the start.  The last 10 were a breeze.

The practice simulations were helpful.  I ended up getting an OSPF sim in the exam and it was not exactly the same as in the practice sims here but I knew enough to figure it out obviously from studying here.

Thanks BATMAN!  8)
-toko, CCNA
I should note that I did every single practice question in all subjects before taking the exam - took me about a week with 50-60 questions a night, and I took a CCNA weeklong course last summer (but it was crap in comparison to this).
So there is a different OSPF sim? I took icnd2 (and failed), and I could have sworn the ospf sim wasn't the same as the one I'd seen on 9tut and other sites.

Did the one you get have different areas? I was beginning to think I was nuts since I couldn't find any mention of there being a different sim!

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