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Eigrp Simlet
Just curious in how to find the correct answer for Question #4?  What is the AD for the network on RT1?  On this website it says to run a sh ip route on RT1 to see the neighbor that advertised the route which in this case is RT2.  Then it says to run a sh ip route on RT2 to get the AD of 30720.

On another testing website it says to run sh ip eigrp 1 topology on RT1 and it will show the AD for that network as 333056?

Not sure what answer and / or process is correct for finding the answer?

There are a number of ways to extract required information from a router configuration but please remember that exam sims have limited number of commands. We try to provide a solution that is known to work in exam. The show ip route command is definitely available in exam simulations but I am not sure if the show ip eigrp topology command is available.

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