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EC147 - Drag and drop QoS mechanisms
Is the given solution verified?
I thought a service-policy is used to apply a QoS policy (poicy-map) to an interface
and that you can enforce (define) rate-limiting with a policy map.
From a configuration point of view, which data (class-map), which action (policy-map), is imposed on which interface (service-policy).
...and "policing" I would call a technique or mechanism and not a tool, so I am a bit confused by the given solution Huh
I agree with the following 3 points in the given answer:
  • DSCP => portion of the IP header used to claccify packets
  • CoS => portion of the 802.1Q header used to classify packets
  • Policing => tool to enforce rate-limiting on ingress/egress
...and then I see the following connections:
  • Shaping is a bandwidth management technique which delay datagramms.
  • Service Policy is a mechanism to apply a QoS policy to an interface.
    for example:
    interface serial 1/0
      service-policy output myPolicyMap
  • Policy Map is a mechanism to create a scheduler for packets prior to forwarding.
    for example:
    policy-map MyPolicyMap
     class VIDEO
       bandwidth 256
     class BUSINESS
       bandwidth 256
     class class-default
    (so here we have queues for different priority data and they need a CBWFQ scheduler)

Agree with my suggestion? And the big question, how does cisco think?
im uitte sure you are right. i failed encor in january but i leaned a valuable lesson. to trust my knowledge. i remember on question from a site and the answer was wrong. regarding your question i think you are correct.
Ok, fixed it.

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