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Passed ENARSI 300-410 on 5/14
Hi all,
I just passed the ENARSI this past Saturday and wanted to share my experience with those of you preparing for it.  First, it took me about a month to finish the Cisco Press Office Cert Guide for CCNP Enterpise Advanced Routing ENARSI 300-410 book.  Then I spent about 2 weeks on H2P practice tests.  I did not use anything else to prepare for this exam.  Once I started making a perfect score on the each of the H2P practice test modules and random test option, I scheduled the exam.  This same method worked for me in the past for my 640-822, 640-816, 300-115 and 300-101 exams which I passed all of them on my first attempt.  I did fail 300-135 (TSHOOT) back on 2020 right before the exam was retired, but H2P did not offer any practice tests for that module.  I am not actively working with Cisco routers and switches at my job with my current position, but I am looking forward to moving back to the network team in the future so this was my reason to renew my certification before it expires in August.  I do have a CCNP lab kit that I bought from Amazon a long time ago to mess with when I have time so I don't have a much hands on experience outside of that.  I honestly thought I failed this exam.  I saw about 10-12 new questions (62 total) on the exam and it took me about 75mins to finish the exam.  For sure, I remember about 3 new drag \ drop questions, 1 sim \ lab question and the rest was multiple choice which I felt lucky on.  I think the 1 sim \ lab question I saw and totally bombed (my mind when totally blank and could not think of the commands), was regarding something like losing remote access to the routers after a new time frame policy was implemented on the environment and I think it was asking to correct it.  I think it was very close to one of the existing H2P questions, but in a sim\lab format instead of multiple choice.  I don't have my actual passing score, but below is the section analysis scores below (not cumulative).
Layer 3 Technologies - 71%
VPN Technologies - 75%
Infrastructure Security - 58%
Infrastructure Services - 87%

Thank you again H2P and good luck to everyone preparing for this exam.

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