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Please provide ALL QUESTIONS (746 questions) option!!!
I have finished study/practice every section and now I am in need of testing my readiness for the real test by practicing all 746 question at once because that is exactly how the real test is and it can be any one of those 746 questions randomly, not by the section.

This is how to fail, not how to pass because the real test does not group the questions by section or topic. Are you intentionally taking out the last critical part of the study, so we will be failed and paying for how2pass again?

This is not my first time using how2pass. The option to practice ALL questions used to be here and that were how I passed the test last time.

100 question in test#09 is USELESS and WASTE OF TIME (60 DAYS LIMIT FOR 1 HOW2PASS PAY) because there is NO Guaranty for us to see all 746 questions in test mode, since it is randomly selected question. So that, there will be chances for us to see same question multiple times and or never see some of the questions.

Everyone, please chime in if this is also your concern!
Last test does not have a separate set of questions. It selects questions randomly from the topic-wise tests. So if you have practiced all topic-wise tests you have already seen all questions.

This test is purposely designed to impose restrictions of not showing correct answers, timed test and selecting random questions from the whole database, same like real exam restrictions. The "All" questions option has never been on this test, since the start of this website.

If you take this test with all questions, how is it going to be similar to the real challenge? Also if you take hundreds of questions in one attempt, there is a possibility of timeout, or error if you Internet Connection got some issue. Then users will blame us to waste their time.

The idea is to take topic-wise tests repeatedly, until you score 100% on all tests. Then practice on the Test Mode (last test) to gauge your preparation.

Hope it helps.

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