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Help! Advice is heavily appreciated
I failed the BSCI exam this Friday with a 758. The questions was pretty straight forward (thanks H2P). The issue I had with the exam was the Sims (5,6,7 on H2P). After making the required configuration modification, I executed the copy running-configuration starting-configuration command. For some weird reason it wouldn't save, I received a "command not implemented" after the copy run start. Where did I go wrong? Am suppose to save my config at the end. Right? Am going to go over the sims everyday until the 27th, I hope I get the same Sim this Thursday. Please H2P family, tell me where I went wrong Sad, any advice would be appreciated. Am so furious about the Sims.
No need to worry about copy run start command. They have disabled this command in many of the sim questions now.

Wish you good luck next time.

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