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Passed 642-902
I won't post all of my details but I did pass. The first 6 questions I had not seen before but they were easy enough to rule out at least to 2 possible right answers. Make sure to go through the labs on here!!! I had Lab 4, Lab 6 and Lab 7. Be careful they have 2 different types of labs, some are a full lab which doesn't allow you to copy run start, and they just want you to push next when you are done, and then there were smaller mini-lab environments where you could, I am not sure if not doing a copy run start counts against you but I would suspect that it would be in your best interest to go ahead and try anyhow.

I just went through each section here on How2pass and did all the questions until I could do all of them with at least 80%... I did fine in the test. Thanks How2pass, I am even taking a college class for this but you guys have an invaluable tool here, and I tell everyone I take classes with to check it out when they are ready to certify.

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