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Passes CCNA with a score of 933
Hi All,

I wish to thanks How2Pass for helping me with my CCNA studies. I bought their materials and studied them for about a month and a half, I took the exam and after 40 minutes I was ready. Thanks again and I really recommend How2Pass for anyone who wish to study and also understand any CISCO course.

Thanks for sharing your success.  Did you purchase the 640-802 or the 640-816 H2P prep exam?  I'm onto my INCD2 and may consider purchasing this package for my studies based on many success stories here.
I purchased the CCNA 640-802 package. I did all of the exams till I was getting 100% on each one. The I tried the Test Mode exam numerous times until I was prepared. I also did the simulations which were very important.

Hope this helps!
I didn't come back to visit this thread since my last post, but I did manage to pass my ICND2 just a few days ago.  I didn't use H2P labs at all.

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