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New to IT and CCNA certified w/in 5 months!!
Thank you How2Pass!!!!  I made the moved into IT about 5 months ago (IT was the only department with an available opening  ;D).  I had 0 experience but with the help of this site, I'm now CCNA certified and so proud!!! 
My company pays the 3K for cisco training so I took the class for both ICND 1 and 2.  The first time I took ICND1 I hadn't discovered How2Pass,- I had my notes from the 5 day class, read the 400pg Cisco manuals TWICE and took notes which i read over and over, took their labs w/ router simmulations, as well as their practice tests ......I failed the test w/ a 770; seemed like the class/manuals didnt prepare me for the layout of the test or how i'd need to apply the material, and the labs were completely different from the test simmulations. I studied with How2Pass for 2 weeks and passed with an 880 - in my opinion the explanations here provided a much deeper understanding than the manual/instructor did.  For ICND2, i went through the motions of going to the class and taking a few notes but i primarily used this site as my study guide - I was on this site for about 2 hours (or more) a day for about 3 weeks - just taking the individual tests over and over until above 95%, then moved to the "real" practice test (at the bottom), doing that one until I was consistently getting 100% - i passed with a 958 and 30 minutes to spare on the clock. 
Do review the hands on lab #8 (i think) re: VTP and configuring a switch w/ the last usable IP address and gateway of another - i had this on the test. I didnt have the OSPF/EIGRP simmulations but did have quite a few of the drag and drops (NAT, Admin Distance preference order, the ACL denying http w/ which addresses are permitted/denied), maybe 2 questions on IPv6. Alot of the questions were identical to those found here but some were a little different. There were only 43 questions.  I hope my info helps (and maybe eases some concerns about primarily using this site) Good luck everyone!!!!

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