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Questions about ICND1 Exam
Has anyone recently taken the ICND1 exam?
This site appears to have questions not related to the material covered in CCNA1/CCNA2 courses.
It seems to have questions from a general CCNA Exam(CCNA1,CCNA2,CCNA3,CCNA4 couses),
not the specific material from CCNA1/CCNA2.

Does that make sense?
I want to practice JUST questions for ICND1.

Also, if anyone has taken the ICND1 Exam lately, how accurate are the practice questions
from the section labeled " Recently Added / Modified "


I took this test yesterday.  Questions were very close to what I studied on How2Pass.  On my test there were two questions regarding the setup command.  I didn't see any reference to the setup command on How2Pass.  You'll want to look this up before taking the test.

I too took all 4 CCNA classes and was confused about what was in the How2Pass ICND1 practice tests.  I e-mailed How2Pass support and they confirmed the practice tests match what is found on the test.  I just wanted to confirm that to be what I found too.

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