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Took ICND1 today and passed!
Just took ICND1 and got a 95 (950). When i signed up for how2pass I thought it would take about a month and a half of study to be ready for the test. It only took about 3 weeks! I Defiantly recommend this site.
Congrats!  950 is pretty good.  Is 850 still the passing score?
WHat was on it?  How many questions?  What sims?
What other thing did you do besides this site in order to pass?
Congratulations! Next is CCNP :-)
Congrats, 8)
Thanks everyone  Smile
John, sorry it took a while to get back. The passing score I believe is around the 850 mark but there is no way to tell for sure. I won't go into the details of what was on the exam, but other materials I used to prepare for it was the ICND1 book by Odom. Its very well written, informative, and the information sticks.
Very nice!  And the passing score is 804, for the record.  Or, was when I took the exam.
I think the passing score is somewhere arount 830.

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